Undergraduate Programs in English

Modern Japanese Studies Program


The Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP) is a four-year bachelor’s degree program. It is preceded by a six-month Intensive Japanese Course for those without sufficient Japanese to enter the bachelor’s degree program directly. MJSP gives a comprehensive education in the language and society of Japan. Hokkaido university invites applications from students worldwide who have a high command of English, an interest in the society and culture of contemporary Japan, and very high levels Of academic achievement.

Integrated Science Program


The Integrated Science Program is a cross-disciplinary educational science program for international students interested in pursuing a degree in the natural sciences in the Bachelor’s and Master’s. The program’s strong cross-disciplinary nature aims to give students an excellent broad scientific education across the core scientific disciplines (biology, chemistry, and physics) in School of Science, while allowing them to specialize in their chosen fields in later years in accordance with their own interests. While students’ main scientific studies are entirely in English, a multitude of additional courses such as business skills courses or leadership and management skills courses will be available in the liberal arts and Japanese language to ensure students receive a rich and fulfilling education while at Hokkaido University.

Post-Graduate Programs in English

The following programs are taught and supported entirely in English, and are designed to open our doors to students from around the world who are seeking enroll in top-class degree programs in Japan. Our welcoming, exciting, multicultural campus will prepare you for success in the diverse global economy. You will enjoy abundant opportunities to work closely and collaboratively with faculty and fellow students and to engage in cutting-edge research, enriching your study abroad experience.

These degree programs exemplify Hokkaido University’s flexible and innovative approach to education and research—both an opportunity for personal advancement and a chance to address issues facing contemporary society. We here at Hokkaido University are confident that students who enroll in these programs will benefit from, and enjoy an educational experience of the highest caliber.

English Program of Environmental Earth Science for Sustainable Society (EPEES)


Master’s Program in Environmental Sciences
Doctoral Program in Environmental Sciences

Core Subjects
Fundamental Lecture on Environmental Science / Introduction to Environmental Earth Science / Introduction to Sustainable Society / Advanced Course in Global Warming Assessment / Introduction to Practical Science for Environment

Special Subjects
Advanced Course in Environmental Pollution Comparison / Advanced Course in Environmental Adaptation / Advanced Course in Natural Resource Management and Policy / Advanced Lecture in Geoecological Resources / Advanced Course in Marine Sedimentology / Advanced Course in Biogeoscience / Advanced Course in Glacier/ Ice Sheet Science / Advanced Course in Bio-Material Chemistry / Advanced Course in International Communication Methods

Common Subjects
Sustainable Science / Environmental Ethics / Environmental Policy / Practical Environmental Leadership Theory / Asian/ African Culture, Language and Local Regionalism

Work and Seminars
Laboratory Work in Environmental Analysis / Laboratory Work in Environmental Materials Science / International Laboratory Works for Biogeoscience / Study on Fostering Leaders for Environmental Conservation / EPES Program Seminar/ Course Seminar/ Environmental Tour Seminar

Special Study and Reading
Research in Environmental Science I/ Research in Environmental Science II/ Seminar in Environmental Science I Development/ Seminar in Environmental Science II Development

Global Education Program for AgriScience Frontiers


Master’s Program in Agriculture
Doctoral Program in Agriculture

Division of Applied Bioscience
Pathogen-Plant Interactions / Applied Molecular Entomology / Molecular Biology / Molecular Enzymology / Natural Product Chemistry / Molecular and Ecological Chemistry / Wood Chemistry & Chemical Biology / Biochemistry / Applied Microbiology / Microbial Physiology / Molecular Environmental Microbiology / Nutritional Biochemistry / Food Biochemistry

Division of Bioresources and Product Science
Crop Science / Plant Nutrition / Animal Nutrition / Vehicle Robotics / Agricultural and Food Process Engineering / Crop Production Engineering / Agricultural Circulative Engineering / Agricultural and Rural Development

Division of Environmental Resources
Animal Ecology / Land Improvement and Management / Agricultural and Environmental Physics / Soil Conservation / Soil Science / Environmental Informatics / Silviculture and Forest Ecology / Forest Chemistry / Earth Surface Processes and Land Management

Divison of Research Innovation and Cooperation
Applied Bioproduction Engineering / Rhizosphere Control / Plant Cell Control / Ecochemical Analysis / Environmental Biogeochemistry

Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences


Master’s Program in Agriculture
Doctoral Program in Agriculture

Transdisciplinary Life Science Course
Tissue and Polymer Sciences Laboratory / Laboratory of Soft & Wet Matter / Laboratory of Cell Dynamics / Laboratory of Advanced Chemical Biology / Laboratory of Protein Science / Laboratory of X-ray Structural Biology / Laboratory of Smart Molecule / Laboratory of Biological Information Analysis Science / Innate Immunity Laboratory / Laboratory of Embryonic and Genetic Engineering / Laboratory of Single-Molecules System Biology / Laboratory of Molecular Cell Dynamics / Laboratory of Chemical Biology / Laboratory of Biomolecular Adaptation Science

Biosystems Science Course
Laboratory of Molecular Interaction / Laboratory of Plant Morphology and Gene Function / Laboratory of Plant Evolutional and Developmental Biology / Laboratory of Gut Physiology / Biomedical Animal Research Laboratory / Laboratory of Cell function and Structure Ill / Laboratory of Environmental Molecular Bioscience / Laboratory of Gene Function and Regulation / Laboratory of Animal Genetics / Laboratory of Cell Structure and Function / Laboratory of Molecular Biology / Laboratory of Plant Adaptation Biology / Laboratory of Behavioral Physiology / Laboratory of System Neurobiology / Laboratory of Behavior and Neurobiology / Laboratory of Molecular Neuroethology Laboratory / Laboratory of Neurocybernetics / Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Biology

International Course in Graduate School of Science


Master’s Program in Science
Doctoral Program in Science

Algebra / Geometry / Analysis / Applied Mathematics

Condensed Matter Physics
Statistical Physics / Mathematical Physics Electronic Properties of Solids / Electronic Properties of Low-dimensional Conductors / J-Material Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems / Low Temperature Physics / Condensed Matter Dynamics / Nanostructure Physics Advanced NMR / Condensed Matter Theory / Nanosystem Photonics / Solid State Physics in High Magnetic Field / Muon Spin Resonance / Electron Spin Resonance

Observational Astronomy / Theoretical Astrophysics / Theoretical Particle Physics / Theoretical Nuclear Physics / Planetary and Space Group / Astrophysical Chemistry / Ice and Planetary Science / Phase Transition Dynamics / Information Media Science / Nuclear Reaction Data Science / Spacecraft Observation (JAXA)

Natural History Sciences
Physical Oceanography and Climatology / Physical Hydrology / Space Geodesy / Seismology Petrology and Volcanology / Paleobiology / Geochemistry / Earth Materials Science / Earth System Evolution / Geotectonics Seismological Observation / Ocean Bottom Seismology and Tsunami / Volcano Physics / Subsurface Structure / Animal Systematics / Algal and Protist Systematics / Ornithology and Island Biology / Genetic Diversity Communication of Science and Technology / Philosophy of Science and Technology / Museum Education and Media Studies / Science Education

English Engineering Education Program (e3)


Master’s Program in Engineering
Doctoral Program in Engineering

Environmental Engineering / Field Engineering for Environment / Human Environmental Systems / Human Mechanical Systems and Design / Materials Science and Engineering / Applied Physics / Architectural and Structural Design / Energy and Environmental Systems / Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment / Mechanical and Space Engineering / Quantum Science and Engineering / Sustainable Resources Engineering

Fostering Global Scientists to Expand the Network of Veterinary Science for Contributing One Health


Doctoral Program in Veterinary Medicine/lnfectious Diseases

Advanced Graduate School of Chemistry and Materials Science


Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Materials Science