Hokkaido University Short Term Exchange Program​

The Hokkaido University Short-Term Exchange Program (HUSTEP) is a ‘junior year abroad’ type program designed to provide undergraduate students from affiliated universities with the opportunity to study in Japan at Hokkaido University. Participants in this program take a wide variety of classes offered in English in HUSTEP’s two core divisions: Culture and Society, and Science, Technology, and Environment. Students also have the chance to study the Japanese language. In addition, some participants can pursue independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. There will also be opportunities to take part in numerous traditional and contemporary Japanese cultural activities. Finally, students admitted to the program are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

HUSTEP provides a safe and caring environment in which to carry out your academic studies and broaden your horizons. Participating in HUSTEP will help prepare you for the future and will provide you with knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime. In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet and make friends with many Japanese people and international students from all around the world who come to study at Hokkaido University. We would like to invite motivated university students from ALL disciplines to participate in HUSTEP.

As UP has a student exchange agreement with Hokkaido University, full-time undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the program.

HUSTEP Latest Updates

HUSTEP 2019-2020 Applications now open!

Get the brochure here Eligibility Requirements To be eligible to apply for HUSTEP, students must:
  1. Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program at an overseas university that has concluded a student exchange agreement with Hokkaido University.
  2. Be enrolled and pay tuition fees at their home university as a full-time student ...

How to Apply

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs through the Deans of the academic units issues Calls for Application twice a year.

The International Student Mobility Committee (ISMC) evaluates application documents, conducts interviews and nominates to partner universities through the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The MOVE UP Committee evaluates applications for financial support covering international travel, accommodation and living allowances.

Fees and Cost of Living

Tuition fees are waived. Scholarships needed to cover other expenses such as accommodation, international travel and living allowance maybe applied for at Hokkaido University or thru other means. Learn more here.

UP OIL’s MOVE UP Program also provides financial assistance for students participating in international mobility programs. For more information, visit UP OIL’s website.


Student Visa requirements vary depending on the country of destination. OIL Diliman and Hokkaido University assist in facilitating visa applications by way of issuing supporting documents relative to the exchange program.

Study Abroad Status

You may have subjects taken at the host university credited upon your return to UP. During the exchange program, you are tagged as cross-enrollees. To maximize opportunities for course crediting, students are required to be advised by program advisers in their respective departments/colleges.